The Infinisource Difference


The Infinisource Difference

iSolved is the perfect fit for companies with about 50 employees up to 1000. We believe this size company deserves one fully integrated human capital management solution to not only navigate today’s business compliance maze, but to also efficiently handle their workforce management needs.

The Infinisource Difference


Infinisource transforms the way organizations manage their most important asset – their people. By combining revolutionary SaaS technology and expert services Infinisource delivers comprehensive, scalable, and high value outcomes that give our customers a significant business advantage over those who don’t use our solutions.

We transform customers by

  1. Eliminating disparate solutions - we deliver an elegant, configurable end-to-end experience
  2. Destroying paper processes – we drive down the cost and complexity of managing the workforce
  3. Providing real time data – we allow immediate access to information for better decision making
  4. Improving employer-employee relationships – we provide a highly intuitive and accessible solution for all parties

Our Culture

Company culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes any organization. We believe that understanding the Infinisource culture begins with understanding our shared, aspirational beliefs in four key areas:

Our Customer Focus is unique

We are passionate about the Infinisource vision and the positive customer change associated with our work. We work tirelessly to solve and satisfy customer needs through use of our defined solutions. We utilize a continuous cycle of learn, define, execute, and improve so that all customers can benefit from repeatable, high quality activity that transforms their world.

We are One Team

We respect and value all Infinisource team members, not just those with whom we are co-located. We believe that the word “team” spans across function, level, and location. We use modern tools and technology to connect and collaborate across geography and all other bounding situations. We are always willing to help our teammate even if it seems outside the definition of my own role. We celebrate group success.

Our People are special

Our behaviors are exceptional. We believe that every person we come in contact with is the single most important person in that moment. We conduct business “the right way” with the highest standards for ethics and integrity. We communicate in an open and straightforward way while remembering to interact with respect and compassion.

Results are important

We are accountable to deliver the promise of Infinisource and we drive for associated results. We practice self-measurement and self-improvement both as individuals and as a team. We highlight success, identify failure, understand the root cause of both, and incorporate associated lessons into the way we conduct future business.

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