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When it comes to the murky waters of corporate compliance, Infinisource is in the business of providing guidance. Our expertise has kept over 17,000 clients trouble free.


Infinisource webinars provide educational information on current human resources, payroll, benefits, and other human capital management topics for your viewing –any time, any place. As part of our workforce management tools, webinars save the time and expense of traveling to seminars, while still providing you comprehensive insight to new regulations and updates when they occur. To sign up to receive notifications of our upcoming webinars, visit our Webinar page.

Affordable Care Act Resource Center

You think you've heard it already. Explained a dozen different ways. One day you feel confident about your execution of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) employer requirements and the next day, not so much. Am I an applicable large employer? What do I need to know about full time employees? Is my waiting period compliant? What is the difference between minimum essential coverage and minimum value? Is my coverage affordable? What will I need to track, maintain and report AND to whom? Visit our comprehensive Affordable Care Act Resource Center for all the answers. Simple, straight-forward, reliable information you can trust.

FSA Center

Everything you need for FSAs – all in one convenient location. Find enrollment kits, participant forms, savings examples, lists of eligible expenses, helpful tips on how to increase your company’s participation, and more.

White Papers

Looking for an in depth analysis of complex workforce management topics such as COBRA, FSA or HRA? Visit our White Paper workforce management tools resource page where you will find a fresh examination of all of the latest human capital management issues.

Case Studies

Infinisource has helped over 63,000 customers with their workforce management issues. You can read a sample of our success stories in our Case Study workforce management tools resource page. Find out how companies such as Bottle Rocket and Shield Security streamlined their workforce management with iSolved.

Ask Lisa

Ask Lisa

Have a question and cannot find the answer? Try our Ask Lisa workforce management tools page! Lisa has the answers to most of the common questions about Infinisource, our services, and other workforce management topics.


It's scary: one compliance error can result in expensive penalties and lawsuits. Infinisource compliance checklists outline the IRS and DOL requirements to help you avoid future penalties.

Benefits, Laws and Regulations

Workplace governance is a shifting pile of local and federal regulations from a myriad of different regulating bodies. Infinisource designed this section as a central repository for laws regulating corporate compliance.


Infinisource provides FSA Employer and FSA Employee Savings calculators designed to help determine employee annual savings as well as your own.


Searchable, sortable and easy to find terms and definitions.

Published Articles

Infinisource has industry-recognized compliance experts on staff; that's not just our opinion. Our staff members have written for numerous national news outlets and are regularly consulted when corporate compliance issues are in the news cycle.


This section is primarily for existing Infinisource administrators and participants. Here you'll find instructions, guides, and forms for the following: Direct Deposit Authorization, OTC Drug List, Participant Saving Example, and Reimbursement Form.