Solutions Overview

Human Capital Management solutions from Infinisource were born in the cloud and designed for today's employer.

Advanced features such as employee self-management, executive dashboard, and report writer are combined with Infinisource's industry-leading compliance experts. It's a powerful 1-2 combo that creates workforce management solutions for the small to medium sized company.

Human Capital Management

iSolved® allows you to completely manage all aspects of your workforce with a single log-in to a single data source. This gives you an unprecedented view of your employees and eliminates the need to enter data multiple times, or import and export from multiple systems. Time and Attendance is integrated with Payroll (for paycheck processing), Benefits (for enrollment events), and Human Resources to create comprehensive workforce management solutions for every employer.

You can process the reports you need, the way you need them with an easy-to-use report writer. When you log in to a true single database and enter data, it is shared instantly between HR, payroll, and benefits. You can manage employees, reduce payroll expenses and absenteeism with maximum accessibility - anytime, anywhere.

Operational excellence is not an option, it’s iSolved®.

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Payroll processing services isn’t anything new, but how you process payroll can be. With one click, you can preview payroll in real time anywhere, any time. Your data resides in the cloud, providing instant access, while a multi-layered security strategy ensures system access is limited to the right people.

No matter where your staff is located, you can quickly process payroll – taxes, garnishments and more. Your employees can view paycheck history online and utilize direct deposit – no more check printing or trips to the bank!

We also provide peace of mind through our on-staff, industry-recognized payroll processing compliance experts and a leading indemnification policy.

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Benefits Administration

Attractive benefit packages help recruit and retain top talent. Infinisource's benefit administration services can be integrated into our powerful workforce management solutions you tailor to meet the needs of your business. Infinisource technology reduces previously time-intensive tasks (like receipt filing) to a few simple clicks (just take a picture of your receipts with our smartphone app).

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Human Resources (HR)

Imagine all your mission critical employee data effortlessly at your fingertips. Workforce management solutions by Infinisource are designed from the ground up to work from a single data source, providing the insight you need to make the right business decisions. This means no duplicate entries and no need to import or export data. Seamlessly automate and integrate previously HR-intensive tasks such as peer-to-peer interviews, performance reviews and compliance reports. It's like increasing your HR staff!

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Time & Attendance

Today's global workforce presents new challenges for employers. Your employees may not be located at the same location, working the same shift, or even have the same pay policies. Managing your employee time and attendance should not be frustrating and time-consuming. TimeForce time and attendance provides complete flexibility with time collection, processing and reporting. You can bundle TimeForce into any of our workforce management solutions for a comprehensive answer to your employee management.

You can build shifts, track overtime, manage meal and break times, implement disciplinary systems and more. The time and attendance system evaluates time punches against all shift and pay policies, alerting you to exceptions. And since TimeForce is fully integrated with iSolved®, you have a single access point for your time, payroll and HR data.

Unlock productivity from your workforce with an easy to use, intuitive time and attendance solution, TimeForce.

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COBRA Administration

COBRA is a law with a double bite: both the DOL and the IRS routinely conduct COBRA audits and issue penalties. Since 1986 when employers began COBRA compliance, we’ve never had a single client fail a Department of Labor or IRS audit and our notices and procedures have never failed in court. Not once.

It’s a fact. Compliance audits are on the rise and noncompliance penalties can be brutal. How do you keep up with legislative changes, maintain required notices, track dates and all the other requirements to stay in compliance?

If your business objectives include compliance, but not tedious time-consuming administration, we're here to help.

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