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Human Capital Management (HCM)

Transforming human capital management

Infinisource transforms the way organizations manage their most important asset – their people. By combining revolutionary Human Capital Management (HCM) SaaS technology and expert services, Infinisource delivers comprehensive, scalable, and high value outcomes that give our customers a significant business advantage.

iSolved is a holistic human capital management solution designed exclusively for small to midsize companies (50 – 2000 employees). It was born in the cloud and supports the full employee lifecycle. No more fragmented applications that require importing and exporting of data. With a consolidated foundation, based on a single employee record and a single rules engine, iSolved Human Capital Management offers an extraordinarily different experience. Usability is a top focus within our iSolved technology. By developing our HCM solution from the ground up, we delivered an intuitive interface that works for both employee and the HR professional. Power and ease of use wrapped up as one.

iSolved is an all in one tool

iSolved Human Capital Management changes the game.

  • Eliminates existing disparate solutions and processes with one elegant, configurable, end-to-end experience.
  • Destroys the paper process and drives down cost and complexity of managing the workforce.
  • Provides real time data so supervisors and financial leaders have immediate access to information for better decision making.
  • Improves the employer-employee relationship. By empowering your employees to self serve with a highly intuitive and accessible interface.

HCM is people management

HCM = People Management

Proper human capital management (HCM) is critical to the success of every business but traditionally has been cumbersome, expensive, and time consuming to accomplish. iSolved drives business results through people focused solutions. Our human capital management solution is built on the foundation of a best in class SaaS technology. We provide our customers with tools to be successful, and expert services when needed. Infinisource HCM solutions include payroll processing services, time and attendance, human resource compliance, performance management and benefits administration. Infinisource delivers simplicity to human capital management.

Discover how iSolved can power your workforce.

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