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    FSA Dependent Care

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    FSA iFlex Mobile

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    Flexible Spending Accounts

    Using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a great way to stretch your benefit dollars.


    Dependent Care FAQs

    Common questions and answers regarding FSA dependent care.


    The Health FSA Carryover

    You can now carry over up to $500 of your unused Health FSA funds.


    FSA Cycle

    This infographic illustrates the FSA spending account cycle through each activity.

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  • FSA Employer Savings Calculator

    Estimate the potential savings you'll see by offering Flexible Spending Accounts to your employees.

    Fill out the following form to see how much you can save by offering FSA accounts to your employees. The savings are calculated as you enter your information. Please complete the entire form to ensure accurate results.

    Number of Eligible Employees:
    Current Total of all Health Premiums the EE's pay:
    Estimate total of all FSA contributions:
    % Model at $1,000 Average:
    Estimate total of all Dependent Care contributions:
    % Model at $4,000 Average:
    x 7.65%
    Estimated Employer tax Savings:

    Estimated costs of administering plan:

    First Year:
    Net Employer tax Savings:

    Disclaimer: This Calculator is for planning purposes only. While this Calculator is designed to demonstrate potential tax savings, it does not constitute a guarantee of actual savings. This Calculator assumes that premiums for healthcare coverage are taken on a pre-tax basis and does not take into account such variables as mid-year election changes, participant forfeitures, or participant gains due to overspent accounts when coverage terminates early. By using this Calculator, the user agrees that Infinisource, Inc. shall not be liable for any failure to achieve the actual savings projected by this Calculator.

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