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Partnering with Infinisource for your benefits administration saves you time, reduces your risks, and helps you provide more competitive benefit plans.

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With us on your side you gain time to focus on your business, while never having the worry of a missed COBRA premium or overlooked regulatory requirement.

We keep employers compliant.

Navigating the compliance maze is a benefits administration challenge for all businesses today. The Affordable Care Act, ERISA, COBRA, FLSA and more make it incredibly difficult for employers to ensure they remain compliant and avoid costly penalties. We help small-to-midsized businesses offer competitive benefits packages, and navigate the risks.

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We’ve never had a single client fail a Department of Labor or IRS audit and our notices and procedures have never failed in court.

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Under Section 125 of the IRS Code, employers may adopt a plan that will allow participants to set aside money, on a pre-tax basis, to pay for qualifying medical and dependent care expenses. Each dollar elected through this plan will generate a tax savings to the employee and employer.

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An Infinisource HRA can be used in conjunction with a high-deductible health plan to curb premium costs or with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to help cover out-of-pocket expenses.

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When you offer a Health Saving Account (HSA), employees are encouraged to become informed health care consumers and make better health care decisions.

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A Premium Only Plan is a win-win offering, saving money for your company and your workforce. You will pay less payroll taxes and by paying insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis, your employees’ taxable income is reduced and less income tax is paid.

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Infinisource offers Transportation Reimbursement Administration, an employer-sponsored benefit plan that allows employees to have money deducted from their pay on a pre-tax basis.

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Employers are required to send out numerous notices to keep their workforce informed of everyone’s rights and responsibilities. These notices include COBRA General Notice, FMLA General Notice and many more.

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Most businesses will need legal services at some point. We can provide an extra measure of security through on-demand legal advice.

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By combining years of experience and expert services Infinisource delivers comprehensive, scalable, and high-value outcomes that give our customers a significant business advantage over those who don’t use our solutions.

We are passionate about the Infinisource vision and the positive customer change associated with our work. We work tirelessly to solve and satisfy customer needs through use of our defined solutions. We utilize a continuous cycle of learn, define, execute, and improve so that all customers can benefit from repeatable, high-quality activity that transforms their world.


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Infinisource Benefit Services is so responsive and always willing to help on issues that come up. I love having direct points of contact for COBRA and FSA – it makes the turnaround time for enrollments, claims, etc. so much faster when the person I am working with is familiar with groups and employees. I appreciate the time and effort put in to ensure things are done correctly on the front end.
—Lena Thompson, CHCC. Intrepid

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